The Best Sources of Space and Astronomy News on the Web

The ongoing advances in space exploration and astronomical techniques have kept the space industry pretty busy recently. And as one of the most active sectors, enjoying technological advances, scientific research, and a great many new discoveries about the solar system, the planets, stars and exotic objects in the Universe.

If you use a telescope, are part of an astronomy group, work in the space industry, or even if you are a space enthusiast, keeping up with these latest happenings is important. Sure there are all the individual websites and twitter feeds of all the individual astronomy and space organizations, many use the commercial space news feed provided by Martin Wilson, others use email alerts and news aggregators to stay in the know.

However, finding accurate and reliable news that is not biased and is up-to-date is not an easy thing. Below I have listed a number of his favorite places you can find the best and latest space exploration and astronomy news. is an online news publication, and it is one of the top space news companies in the world. The publication covers a wide range of space and astronomy news, with editorial pieces ranging from space exploration to space innovation, astronomy events, etc.

Astronomy Now

Astronomy Now is a monthly magazine that also runs a website for astronomy news. The website has a huge archive comprised of news articles about astronomy events. It also covers technological achievements and scientific research in the field of astronomy.

Space Policy Online

Space Policy Online is another great source for space and astronomy news. It is a space-themed website, which features, news, analysis, and information about the U.S Space Program and the U.S military policies. The website also has sections for international space activities, which features news and information about various international space programs, and space law that covers various domestic and international laws governing the use of space.

Aviation Week

Aviation Week (Aviation Week & Space Technology) is an online magazine publication of the Aviation Week Network, which features editorial pieces and news article for the aviation, defense and space industry. The publication is also available in print form.


SpaceRef is another top online news website, owned by SpaceRef, space industry Media Company that was founded in 1999. SpaceRef features several news articles and editorials covering a wide range of space and astronomy activities ranging from the International Space Station to space missions, space weather, the galaxy, asteroids, comets, etc.

NASA website

The official NASA website is not a news website, but it contains a lot of information for anyone who is looking to find out what is happening in the space. Most of the updates found on the website are about NASA and NASA-related space activities. However, the website also has sections for Earth, Technology, and Solar System and Beyond, where you will find great information about earth observation, space technology, space products, and astronomy.

Heavens Above

Heavens Above is a space website that is not known by many people, but it offers a lot of great information about the space. The website’s look is very basic, but it has very comprehensive articles about astronomy – the sun, the moon, solar eclipses, planets, comets, asteroids, constellations, etc. The website also offers very detailed information about satellites and spacecraft operating in space and the International Space Station.

Space News

Space News is one of the oldest space news companies, having been founded in 1989 as a weekly business newspaper for the space sector. The company now runs an online publication, which covers the business and political aspects of the global space industry. is the best place to find out about the latest space activities and the activities of the top space brands.

NASA Watch

NASA Watch is an online space news publication that is owned by the SpaceRef Network. It covers the latest stories about NASA space activities. It also has an International Space Station section, where you can find out the latest happenings in the ISS. NASA Watch also features a Solar System section, where you can find a lot of news and information about astronomy.