Astronomy Myth #3 – The Apollo Moon landings never happened

 This is another of our favourite myths, and one we particularly enjoy debunking, since we can offer photographic evidence of the moon landings. The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter is just one spacecraft that has taken close-ups of the various landing sites and equipment left behind. The Japanese Space Agency, JAXA, also operates a lunar orbiter, and their images look exactly the same as all the others.

man on the moon
Image Credit: NASA.

Let us also not forget that the Russians tracked every move NASA made during the Apollo missions, and given the realities of the Cold War, it seems inconceivable that they would have passed up an opportunity to expose the moon landings as fake.

But then again, the Russians could have been in on the scam, right? Well, perhaps, but that would have involved several thousand more people that had to be kept quiet, which pushes the possibility of the moon landings having been faked into the realm of pure fantasy.