About us

At Arrakis we are about amateur astronomy, but amateur astronomy with a difference.

There are many amateur-owned and operated astronomy sites on the Web, which is great, but there are not many that will explain the properties of celestial objects, and the processes that made them into what they are, which is also great- because that is what we are about. We are here to fill in the gaps.

It is one thing to keep an accurate observing log, but here at Arrakis we believe that merely observing any given object is not enough- no matter how hard it was to find, or how rewarding the search may have been. An observing session becomes much more rewarding and fulfilling if you know what it is you are looking at; for instance, do you know and understand the forces behind the turmoil surrounding Eta Carinae, in the constellation Carina? Or for that matter, any of the driving forces behind the shaping of the Universe as we know it?

Our window on the Universe

There are of course many other examples besides Eta Carinae, but once you understand something about stellar evolution, you begin to see objects like planetary nebulae, star clusters, variable stars, planets, and almost everything else in a different light. Objects are no longer mere catalogue entries or items on an observing list to chase down; instead, they become windows through which the evolution of the Universe can be viewed as a never-ending process of change through the death and rebirth of stars and galaxies.

The late, great Patrick Moore once said that “All the best stuff is in the Southern Hemisphere”, so if you are in the Southern Hemisphere, or even if you are not, join us on our journey of discovery as we explain what it is you are looking at when you observe the treasures of the southern sky…. starting here.